The following are some ideas about getting started if you would like to use the PLUS model in your school. The basic rule that I would advocate is to start the process with the teacher/school librarian, one or more teachers and one class of students who are doing an assignment or project. Follow the links below to find ideas, advice, suggested materials and readings. There is no one way to implement the PLUS model as how you use it will depend on your school, your school's curriculum, your teachers and your students. You can start by using the PLUS model to develop a scheme of work which will enable you and your teachers to introduce the PLUS model to the students, get the students to use the model as a scaffold and then evaluate what you, the teachers and the students have achieved. Once you get started with PLUS, it then becomes much easier to use the model with other teachers and other students.

Good luck and remember to send a message to this site to let me know how you've used the model so that I can share it with other teachers and teacher/school librarians around the world.