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LC_MOO is a Faculty of Science and Agriculture e-learning environment supported by the School of Information Studies and hosted on the Internet Special Project Group (ISPG) server at Charles Sturt University This venture oversees collaborative research and development (R&D) projects, including online communities, e-learning, and extension. The main focus of the venture involves R&D projects using polysynchronous communication tools. If you have the right software such as a MOO client or late version Web browser, then you can browse the sites.

Rochester Castle MMORPG was funded by the Research into Professional Practice, Learning and Education (RIPPLE) research centre at Charles Sturt University as instructional gaming project that seeks to develop, test and investigate the use of massively-multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) based on the authors’ existing work with virtual learning environments. The research team was formed within the Internet Special Project Group at Charles Sturt University after an approach by Leah Irving from TAFE WA to develop, test and investigate the use of a collaborative role play game (MMORPG) with the assistance of Dianne Hobbs and Mark Weber (Technology Coordinator) at the host site at Swan View Senior High School. The researchers believe that the overlap between computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) and games design theories can now be tested and applied to high school teaching practice, due to the large uptake of Internet access in schools.

K9 is an experimental canine campus for learning to use and program a MOO via the enCore Xpress Java applets. K9 is a sandpit.

AussieMOO is our original MOO - still running since 21 September 1994.

MOO client software

For enhanced telnet connections, logging files of meetings etc in text mode, we recommend Pueblo 2.0 for Windows95/NT from or tkMOO lite (requires tk/tcl installed as well) for Windows/Mac/UNIX users from

MacMOOSE for MacOS users from or MUDDweller for older System 7.x Mac users from

CSCW and groupware architecture using MOO as the cornerstone

Two new subjects about Computer supported collaboartive work and the development of electronic learning communities are being taught by a team of information technology and teacher librarianship lecturers at Charles Sturt University. The following file will give you some general details about the underlying technical archtecture:

Learning Communities MOO

Rose Kentwell is the LC_MOO architect and graphic designer. All world and themes that seek to be included into the main LC_MOO topology are sanctioned by Rose. Other wise members can build and work with floating structures. The LC_MOO Secretariat is Lyn Hay, Ken Eustace and Geoff Fellows. Professional groups or teachers seeking membership of LC_MOO, should send e-mail to

The LC_MOO map below was created by Rose Kentwell

MOO index

LC_MOO and K9 are used to teach a range of information technology subjects in the school, such Online communites & workgroups and Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) at Charles Sturt University. LC_MOO is a flagship facility for professional groups and educators in the pursuit of excellence in polysynchronous workgroup practice. Firewall configuration is needed for a pair of telnet/HTTP ports for each MOO, as indicated in the table below plus the IP address of
 MOO Telnet Location enCore Xpress via Web
K9 [R&D Open] (login)
LC_MOO [Professional] (login)
Rochester Castle [MMORPG] (login)

MOO programmers playpen
For MOO objects and programming resources, go to

System Requirements:

Internet Special Projects Group E-learning environments are members of the enCore Consortium

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